Where to start ordering kitchen furniture

The first steps in planning your kitchen furniture would be to think about your desires and needs – what kind of kitchen equipment you need, what style of kitchen you prefer.

The space of a future kitchen should be measured. If electrical, ventilation and plumbing work has already been done, it is worth noting the locations of plugs, pipes, etc. Initially, the dimensions may be more general, as we will carry out an accurate control measurement when ordering.

You can contact us with such a simple plan. We jointly discuss wishes and possibilities and prepare a preliminary project together with a price estimate. The quote is free for you.

Where to start ordering kitchen furniture

We offer a variety of solutions from small, affordable kitchens to large full-scale kitchen projects.

It is possible to assemble fittings in the appropriate price range for each kitchen.

We also carry out renovations of existing kitchens – replacement of doors, worktops and for additional cabinets.

Every kitchen is unic for us!

Full-solution kitchens

In addition to kitchen furniture, we also offer kitchen appliances, plumbing and lighting solutions.

The result is a thoughtful, fully-fledged ready-to-use kitchen.

Full-solution kitchens